Boiler Erection & Commisning Services


Boiler Erection works is very systematic and sequential process, in professional term it is also called as“Project Management” which require continuous and joint efforts of professionals, engineers, workers, and all other member of DK ENGINEERS works. Erection, Commissioning or Installation" means any service provided by a commissioning and installation agency, in relation to erection, commissioning or installation of plant, "machinery, equipment or structures, whether pre-fabricated or otherwise"

Erection Services

Along with being engaged in the production and supplying of a wide range of industrial structures we do also provide Erection Services to our clients under the most cost effective price range. From industrial boiler to chimney we offer all kinds of erection services at DK ENGINEERING. Our services are executed with the help of our highly skilled and qualified workforce along with effective and efficient machineries. The Erection Services provided by us are properly examined by our team of experts after the completion of the undertaken project. Materials which are used in providing these services to our clients have been tested on strict industrial parameters. DK ENGINEERS is one of the most leading Erection Services and Boiler Commissioning Services Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Boiler Erection & Commisning Services in Ahmedabad

Boiler Commissioning Services

Owing to the expertise of our professionals, we have been involved in providing service for Boiler Maintenance Services set according to industrial standards . These services are offered with the support of our trained professionals using latest tools and technology. Our provided services is highly demanded in the market due to their timely execution, trouble free management and reliability. Boiler Commissioning Services commits a fabulous system that could offer cheaper energy bills as the costs of fuels growth.

Boiler Thermic Fluid Heater Operation Contactor

Thermic fluid heater is industrial heating equipment, used where only heat transfers are desired instead of pressure. In this equipment, a thermic fluid is circulated in the entire system for heat transfers to the desired processes. Combustion process heats up the thermic fluid and this fluid carries and rejects this heat to the desired fluid for concluding the processes. After rejecting it, this fluid comes back again to the thermic fluid heater  and this cycle goes on.Thermal oil, water, and water-glycol solutions are all commonly used in thermal fluid heating systems. All of these heat transfer fluids offer various advantages and disadvantages depending on the operating temperature and performance requirements of a system.

DK ENGINEERS are manufacture thermic fluid heaters & heating systems that can be used to heat various fluids such as Thermal oil, Petroleum oil, Therminol, and even water.

It is made up of two concentric coils, with the inner coil serving as a radiation zone and the outer coil serving as a convection zone. Because the velocity of the flue gas is typically higher between the two coils and between the coil and the outer shell, the higher the velocity, the greater the convective heat transfer between the flue gas and fluid. It is available in both solid fuel and oil/gas firing models, so that you get the advantage of economically available fuels.

Salient Features

  • Fully automatic unit
  • High Capacity Heating System
  • Failsafe design and dependable safety instruments
  • Rugged design and superior construction
  • High flow rate ensures the higher life of thermic fluid and heater coil
  • Deaerator/Expansion Tank Integral Arrangement type
  • Backed by prompt and efficient after sales service

Industrial Applications of Thermic Fluid Heaters

  • Thermic fluid systems can be used to generate heat in various process industries, such as:
  • Confectionery
  • Paper industries
  • Textile industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Plywood and Laminates
  • Food processing industries
  • Rubber and plastic industries
  • Natural gas processing plants
  • Publishing and print industries
  • Metal fabrication and finishing plants
  • Crude oil extraction and processing industries.

Advantages Of Boiler Tharmic Fluid Heater Operation Contactor

  • Efficiency.
  • Installation Flexibility.
  • Minimal Maintenance.
  • Lower Operational Costs.
  • Fewer Operational Headaches.
  • Fewer Staff Requirements.
  • Versatility.
  • No Need for Pressurization.


DK ENGINEERS are suppliers of boiler spare parts in Gujarat and we have a team of experienced engineers, skilled welders and workers who put their best efforts to make your boiler installation one of the best installation in the area. Sun Boilers & Projects is ready to take any erection contract on job work or with material as per convenience of the client based anywhere in INDIA or outside the country.